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The experienced team at Ultimate Kitchen Renovations Cranbourne can offer excellent advice and helps you choose the best design, materials, colours and finishes for a beautiful and well-designed bathroom. We create the most beautiful, custom-designed bathrooms in Cranbourne. Our bathrooms make your morning rush hour less hectic and provide a relaxing place to unwind at the end of a hard day’s work. Avoiding these common mistakes can save thousands on your bathroom renovation.

When building a bathroom, one must make several considerations. It must use the space in a way appropriate to its intended purpose; it should place it in an area of the house that makes sense in terms of function and aesthetics, and it should be according to practical and aesthetic concerns.

Refer to the checklist below for a list of considerations to ensure the bathroom or primary bedroom ensuite of your family home is practical and enjoyable.

Consider the following ideas when planning a new bathroom

A room without adequate storage space can appear unkempt if clutter is left lying. Your bathroom should be a space that can effectively store all your items and equipment, such as hair products, hair dryer, makeup and other personal supplies.

  • If you are looking for accessible storage of toiletries and medicines, vanity drawers can be an excellent door alternative.
  • Cleaning supplies should be stored in an accessible location, such as below the sink, to ensure that they are readily available and kept out of sight.
  • Open shelves with woven baskets can add style and character to a room and are a good storage option for towels.
  • Make use of floor storage space for supplies that are not in use.
  • Consider installing open cabinetry where the plumbing is exposed and wall-mounted sinks to open up small bathrooms visually.
  • A lighter colour scheme can expand a small room by making it feel larger. You can use neutral colours and natural materials to achieve a classic look.
  • You can make a room appear wider by having a mirror reflect the longest wall.
  • Consider a curb-less shower to make a bathroom appear larger and more open.
  • In most bathrooms, the toilet is near the door. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing placement.
  • Stylish electric towel rails can help prevent the spread of bacteria by keeping damp towels off the floor.
  • It is best to install floor heat before the tiles when installing tile floors.
  • Having a smaller primary bedroom and a separate ensuite is an excellent idea.
  • If you live in a small space, having a separate toilet room, sink and shower are more functional.
  • When designing a bathroom that connects with another room, such as the kitchen or living room, keeping the toilet out of direct sight is essential.
  • A window that opens to the outside is essential, but if you do not have such a window, it is advisable to have a ventilation fan to keep air circulating in your room.
  • The more often a bathroom is used for long hot showers, the more likely it is to have poor ventilation. It leads to high humidity, damp towels, swelling vanity cupboards, and mould and mildew problems.
  • The steam vent should be directed to the outdoors, away from the building. You must take extra safety measures to the steam vents in your attic.
  • Wire your light and ventilation fan into the same outlet to control them with a single switch.
  • Use moisture-resistant materials instead of porous ones for your cabinets and vanity to reduce the expansion, rotting and discolouration that may occur over time.
  • Sealers should prevent staining using porous stones like travertine marble and hardwood. Softwoods, non-waterproof MDF, particle board and fabric, tend to absorb liquids, which can cause stains if not treated properly.
  • You may want to consider using non-slip tiles and mats.
  • You may apply a non-slip coating to ceramic and stone tiles with a smooth finish.
  • Personal grooming, such as shaving, waxing, applying makeup and styling one’s hair, requires a good light source.
  • It is common to use pot lights in the ceiling of a room to cast ambient light.
  • When you apply makeup, install task lights on either side of the mirror to brighten your face evenly and remove shadows.
  • Accent lighting is a great way to draw attention to your bathroom’s unique features.
  • You can use skylights to capture natural light in a room while still maintaining privacy.

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